Spruce Up Spaces with Modern Classic Chairs!

An empty house or office is not really of much use to anyone, is it? It’s the right furnishings and decorative accessories that help the spaces to come together. Among the large variety of furniture that is used to furnish a space, chairs could be regarded as one of the most important. A comfortable seating arrangement can add that zing to homes and offices. Here are two of the most coveted mid-century styled chairs that are still big among modern designers that you can make it your own.

The Barcelona Chair: Aristocracy Redefined

Barcelona Chair

Mies van der Rohe’s high disciplined architecture gave birth to the Barcelona chair that features serenity of line and refinement of proportions. Each of its sides is supported by two chrome-plated flat steel bars. The astounding frame of the chair is crafted from premium quality stainless with thick leather straps supporting the seat and back. This design became so popular that it is still in vogue and a lot of online furniture sellers are offering exact replicas of the Barcelona chairs in different colors and designs to suit modern spaces. Buy Barcelona chair and up the level of luxury and comfort in your living room or workplace.

Florence Knoll Chair: Icon of Mid-century Architecture

Florence Knoll Chair

The rhythm and proportions of the mid-century modern architecture is translated through the superior design of Florence Knoll. Her collection of lounge chairs feature clean lines and is boxy but is popular even today because of the versatility that it offers. Her approach towards furniture design is always with a larger space in mind and the Florence chair is apt to make living and work spaces glamorous with its warm color, texture and oodles of comfort. You can find faithful reproductions of Florence chair online at affordable prices!

The iconic mid-century chairs can seriously add some character and excitement into spaces. Check out the online furniture stores today and find something that matches the decor of your home or office.


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