Up the Comfort Level of Your Space with a Womb Chair

The Womb Chair designed by Eero Saarinen in 1946 displays this Finnish designer’s flair for challenging the rules, breaking molds and setting new and improved standards of modern designs. This chair is accompanied by an ottoman in the same finish as the womb chair and is the perfect addition to home and office space. The design of this chair emanate comfort and luxury, and a number of online furniture sellers are carrying large inventory of Saareinen replicas in order to woo customers on the hunt for mid-century designs at its best.

Womb Chair and Ottoman: Luxurious Comfortable

Womb Chair and Ottoman

The Womb Chair was exclusively designed on the request of Florence Knoll by Eero Saarinen and it has gone down as one of the icons of modernism. The simply yet futuristic design is coveted by modern designers and authentic reproductions of this chair in affordable prices are not that hard to find. This chair features a polished chrome base and a frame that is upholstered in fabric over a fiberglass shell. The chair is specifically designed to facilitate a relaxed sitting posture that offers an emotional comfort and a sense of security – hence the name “womb”. The Womb Chair is one of the most celebrated and renowned designs and it is really a chair that one can curl up in after a hard day’s work or just to ward off stressful thoughts. Replica Womb Chair & Ottoman buying is made easy by renowned online furniture sellers that offer a wide assortment fabric options and color to end-users in unbelievably low prices.

Add a dash of elegance and sophistication in your contemporary abode with the help of this iconic design by the famous Finnish designer. This chair lets the users sit in any position that they wish to and still feel no ounce of discomfort. This is a highly innovative piece from a structural perspective and an ideal addition to your home or office. The online stores is where you should start looking!


Turn Around Your Space with an Authentic Azumi Reproduction

The Japanese team of designers, Shin and Tomoko Azumi, is known to have produced some of the wittiest furniture and accessories in recent memory. They are the holder of numerous prestigious awards, including “Product of the Year” at the International Interior Design Awards in 2000 for the LEM Piston Stool. The simple construction of this stool belies a sophisticated understanding of materials and technology. This unique team is also the creator of the one-of-a-kind “Table = Chest” which is an apparent simply piece of wood furniture that can be transformed from a low table to a chest of drawers in just a few turns. The designs of Shin and Tomoko Azumi are without doubt regarded as the future of international design.

The LEM Piston Stool: Simplicity Personified

The LEM Piston Stool

Apart from all the noteworthy furniture designs that have come out of the Azumi Studio, the LEM Piston Stool stands out due to its minimalist design and it quickly became a hot favorite among interior designers and architects. It features a stainless steel base, sinuous lines that adds just the perfect amount of curve to a room full of clean modern lines, a low back that fits comfortably under a countertop and its versatile adjustment capability allows it to be moved from the bar to the island. If you are convinced about this stool’s ability to add glamour to your kitchen, bar or lounge area, then buy Shin & Tomoko Azumi reproduction in white, black or red leather versions from any of the leading online furniture stores.

The LEM Piston Stool is available in a variety of colors so that you can choose a color that contrasts with the backdrop of your decor and stands out. One of the best features of this stool is its ability to adjust the height according to one’s preferences. Buy Shin & Tomoko Azumi reproduction and enhance the elegance, sophistication and comfort of your living or commercial space.

Let Stunning Florence Knoll Replicas Grace Your Space!

A space can truly be enjoyed if it is furnished with the perfect seating solutions. Comfort should definitely be the first thing on your mind but do not forget style. Imagine a chic interior with shabby-looking chairs. Not a nice picture, is it? Florence Knoll, the legendary mid-century designer, already had thought of a solution for you and her groundbreaking collection of sofas and lounge chairs are something that can enhance the seating experience of any space.

3-seat Sofa: Comfort At its Best

This is undoubtedly one of the most enduring mid-century designs by the famous Florence Knoll that have inspired many a modern designer to replicate it even today. The sofa consists of a distinct, fully tufted seat and back covering that is attached to an exposed metal frame and legs. This versatile collection of sofas can be used to add zing to office spaces as well as living spaces and there simply cannot be anything more sensational that relaxing on one of the sofas that are an exact reproduction of the original design.

Florence Knoll Arm Chair Will Leave You Stirred

Florence Knoll Arm Chair

The replica Knoll arm chair is regarded as a design that is so classic and stylish that even James Bond would be ashamed. This classic creation is available in a wide array of colors to complement any home or office interior. This chair is supported by bold and beautiful stainless steel frame that offers both good looks and sturdiness. You would have no option but to look sophisticated as you relax in the deep cushion of the upholstered chair. Find Florence Knoll inspired online and decorate your home or office with panache.

The Florence Knoll lounge chair collection features simple design, loads of style and provides comfort at its best. This is a beautiful addition to homes and office and can singlehandedly make spaces look luxurious and elegant. Get Florence Knoll inspired online at best prices!

Eero Aarnio Reproductions Can Shake Up Home or Office Decor for Good

Eero Aarnio is a celebrated Finnish interior designer who is recognized for his pioneering and ground-breaking furniture designs in the 1960s, especially the Ball Chair and the Bubble Chair. He mastered the use of plastics and new materials, particularly plastic and fiberglass in his creations. The designs of Aarnio combine mid-century iconic designs with the effortless functionality and comfort of modern style and can add panache to any space they grace. Scroll down to get design-inspired.

The Ball Chair: Room within a Room

Ball Chair

The Ball Chair designed by this legendary Finnish designer is a classic of industrial design and it is based on the simplest geometric form – the ball. Aarnio came up with a completely remarkable and unconventional shaped chair by cutting a part and fixing it to the other. This chair exudes a cozy and calm atmosphere protecting against the outside noises and creates a private space where one can relax and be in touch with one’s inner self. Another wonderful feature of this chair is that it can easily swivel on its axis which allows the user to have a lot of fun while sitting. If you are interested in shaking things up a bit in your home or office, check out online Eero Aarnio replica and buy it at affordable prices.

The Bubble Chair: Master of Reduction

The Bubble Chair 2

The Bubble Chair is a reduction and evolution of the Ball Chair and has all the calming and relaxing qualities associated with it along with the ability to see the surroundings and experiencing a soothing, floating sensation. Aarnio initially wanted to mount it on a clear base but soon found out that there was no elegant way to go about it and hence, he came up with a clever idea of suspending it from above. No matter which room you wish to place it in, it makes for an exceptional centerpiece. Its amazingly timeless design makes it a must-have!

There are numerous stores offering online Eero Aarnio replica that is true to its original specifications at wonderful prices. Check them out today and jazz up your living or work space.

Platform Bench and LC4 Chaise – Furniture That Brings a Smile

The right furnishing and decoration can really turn around a space and make it look glamorous as well as functional. An empty space is not worth much unless it is filled up with beautiful fixtures that complement the decor and also exudes comfort. If you want to transform your interior, outdoor or office space, the following two suggestions might come in handy.

Replica George Nelson Platform Bench

Replica George Nelson Platform Bench

The Nelson Platform Bench with equal parts seat and surface has emerged as one of the landmarks of modern designs. Various online stores offer a replica of this which is made to the exact specifications of the original featuring crisp, clean lines that are architectural and timeless. These benches are made with polished chrome on ebonized wood legs and are made available in three lengths with a varied choice of finishes. It can be used as for occasional seating, as a coffee table, retro TV stand or foundation for the basic cabinet series. The platform benches creates a visual statement no matter where they are placed and are ideal for use in homes, offices and public places.

LC4 Chaise Lounge: Relaxing Machine

LC4 Chaise Lounge

The LC4 chaise lounge is undoubtedly one of the most popular pieces to emerge from Le Corbusier’s studio and the modern reproductions of this classic piece is made strictly according to the original specifications of the design. This is one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture that you can bring home. This chaise lounge wonderfully supports the natural curves of the body and it can be adjusted along the base, from upright to full recline. The seat and headrest is made from luxurious and rich leather and is available in a wide variety of colors. Buy LC4 chaise from any of the leading online furniture sellers and bring home the ultimate king of relaxation.

The mid-century designers already have a solution to your home furnishing needs. Just find the right online seller and decorate your home and office as lavishly as you please.