Eero Aarnio Reproductions Can Shake Up Home or Office Decor for Good

Eero Aarnio is a celebrated Finnish interior designer who is recognized for his pioneering and ground-breaking furniture designs in the 1960s, especially the Ball Chair and the Bubble Chair. He mastered the use of plastics and new materials, particularly plastic and fiberglass in his creations. The designs of Aarnio combine mid-century iconic designs with the effortless functionality and comfort of modern style and can add panache to any space they grace. Scroll down to get design-inspired.

The Ball Chair: Room within a Room

Ball Chair

The Ball Chair designed by this legendary Finnish designer is a classic of industrial design and it is based on the simplest geometric form – the ball. Aarnio came up with a completely remarkable and unconventional shaped chair by cutting a part and fixing it to the other. This chair exudes a cozy and calm atmosphere protecting against the outside noises and creates a private space where one can relax and be in touch with one’s inner self. Another wonderful feature of this chair is that it can easily swivel on its axis which allows the user to have a lot of fun while sitting. If you are interested in shaking things up a bit in your home or office, check out online Eero Aarnio replica and buy it at affordable prices.

The Bubble Chair: Master of Reduction

The Bubble Chair 2

The Bubble Chair is a reduction and evolution of the Ball Chair and has all the calming and relaxing qualities associated with it along with the ability to see the surroundings and experiencing a soothing, floating sensation. Aarnio initially wanted to mount it on a clear base but soon found out that there was no elegant way to go about it and hence, he came up with a clever idea of suspending it from above. No matter which room you wish to place it in, it makes for an exceptional centerpiece. Its amazingly timeless design makes it a must-have!

There are numerous stores offering online Eero Aarnio replica that is true to its original specifications at wonderful prices. Check them out today and jazz up your living or work space.


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