Let Stunning Florence Knoll Replicas Grace Your Space!

A space can truly be enjoyed if it is furnished with the perfect seating solutions. Comfort should definitely be the first thing on your mind but do not forget style. Imagine a chic interior with shabby-looking chairs. Not a nice picture, is it? Florence Knoll, the legendary mid-century designer, already had thought of a solution for you and her groundbreaking collection of sofas and lounge chairs are something that can enhance the seating experience of any space.

3-seat Sofa: Comfort At its Best

This is undoubtedly one of the most enduring mid-century designs by the famous Florence Knoll that have inspired many a modern designer to replicate it even today. The sofa consists of a distinct, fully tufted seat and back covering that is attached to an exposed metal frame and legs. This versatile collection of sofas can be used to add zing to office spaces as well as living spaces and there simply cannot be anything more sensational that relaxing on one of the sofas that are an exact reproduction of the original design.

Florence Knoll Arm Chair Will Leave You Stirred

Florence Knoll Arm Chair

The replica Knoll arm chair is regarded as a design that is so classic and stylish that even James Bond would be ashamed. This classic creation is available in a wide array of colors to complement any home or office interior. This chair is supported by bold and beautiful stainless steel frame that offers both good looks and sturdiness. You would have no option but to look sophisticated as you relax in the deep cushion of the upholstered chair. Find Florence Knoll inspired online and decorate your home or office with panache.

The Florence Knoll lounge chair collection features simple design, loads of style and provides comfort at its best. This is a beautiful addition to homes and office and can singlehandedly make spaces look luxurious and elegant. Get Florence Knoll inspired online at best prices!


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