Turn Around Your Space with an Authentic Azumi Reproduction

The Japanese team of designers, Shin and Tomoko Azumi, is known to have produced some of the wittiest furniture and accessories in recent memory. They are the holder of numerous prestigious awards, including “Product of the Year” at the International Interior Design Awards in 2000 for the LEM Piston Stool. The simple construction of this stool belies a sophisticated understanding of materials and technology. This unique team is also the creator of the one-of-a-kind “Table = Chest” which is an apparent simply piece of wood furniture that can be transformed from a low table to a chest of drawers in just a few turns. The designs of Shin and Tomoko Azumi are without doubt regarded as the future of international design.

The LEM Piston Stool: Simplicity Personified

The LEM Piston Stool

Apart from all the noteworthy furniture designs that have come out of the Azumi Studio, the LEM Piston Stool stands out due to its minimalist design and it quickly became a hot favorite among interior designers and architects. It features a stainless steel base, sinuous lines that adds just the perfect amount of curve to a room full of clean modern lines, a low back that fits comfortably under a countertop and its versatile adjustment capability allows it to be moved from the bar to the island. If you are convinced about this stool’s ability to add glamour to your kitchen, bar or lounge area, then buy Shin & Tomoko Azumi reproduction in white, black or red leather versions from any of the leading online furniture stores.

The LEM Piston Stool is available in a variety of colors so that you can choose a color that contrasts with the backdrop of your decor and stands out. One of the best features of this stool is its ability to adjust the height according to one’s preferences. Buy Shin & Tomoko Azumi reproduction and enhance the elegance, sophistication and comfort of your living or commercial space.


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