How to Mix n Match Your Sofas and Chair for that Perfect Living Room Setting?

The eagerness for personalized interiors have gone up a notch this year and it is all about letting a spirited mix of colors, prints, textures and shapes dictate the choice of seating. Homeowners and interior designers are increasingly becoming experimental and contemporary interiors can be seen using pieces from different eras that sit together nicely to create interiors that are unique and oh-so-glamorous. If you are thinking of renovating your living room, here are few helpful suggestions that you maybe could give it a try.

Don’t be Afraid to be Different

Do you have what it takes to be different? If yes, why not parade a fabulous hot pink? Don’t worry, you can always tone the effect down by making use of neutral accessories like maybe a grey sofa and monochrome rug.

Play Around with Vintage Designs

Barcelona chair Reproduction

Out and out modern and contemporary living rooms are very common. If you want to stand out and become the envy of friends, relative and guests, then try dabbling with mid-century modern furniture pieces that fit perfectly with your existing modern pieces. For instance, a Barcelona chair reproduction will go wonderfully with a leather sofa or loveseat. Take inspiration from the hit series, Mad Men. The Barcelona chair is available in black, white, brown, mustard, and so on. The simple yet classy design will immediately catch the attention of your guests and lull them into ultimate comfort. Remember to juxtapose this trend with bold and bright colors.

Stir Up a Little Drama

womb chair and ottoman

If you have a modern living room featuring clean and minimalist furniture designs and the dominating colors are mainly black, white or hues on those lines then you can definitely create a bit of a drama with an attention-grabbing and super comfy womb chair and ottoman in maybe a bright red color. It would go great with the existing sofas, loveseats, coffee and side tables and still hold out its own ground. You could maybe get two of these if you don’t want people fighting over who gets to sit on it.

The mixture of vibrant hues and tones with monochromatic furnishings and accessories and the mix and match of modern pieces with iconic mid-century furniture designs will create an aesthetically pleasing living space exuding comfort and a timeless appeal. Authentic reproductions at low prices are available at online furniture stores.


Glitz Up Your Space with an Eero Saarinen Replica

Eero Saarinen, the eminent Finnish designer, is among the group of designers and architectures who have made a major impact on the modernist movement and is highly synonymous with “The American Century”.

While most of his iconic mid-century modern furniture pieces tower over cityscapes, his designs are also found in kitchens, dining rooms and lounge areas around the world. This undisputed master of the 20th century architecture has left behind a series of innovative and enduring pieces that are still in production and faithful replicas are made available by leading online furniture stores for you to bring home and accentuate your living space.

Two of his most coveted masterpieces that fit seamlessly with any modern setting are the Tulip collection and Womb Chair with matching ottoman.

Tulip Collection Gets Rid of the Slum of Legs

Eero Saarinen Replica

Chairs and tables were traditionally designed with four legs but Saarinen thought to do away with the unnecessary and hence, his Tulip collection is simply perfect for modern apartment and office spaces that scream for lack of space. The gorgeous tulip table can be used as a dining table or as a side table. It features one pedestal that is strong and sturdy enough to support the simple yet elegant marble top. The table goes with contemporary and modern chairs or you could also choose to pair it with the tulip chairs that are also unique because of just one leg. The Tulip collection is designed to maximize space and its sophisticated and attention-catching design makes it an ideal addition to your home or office interior. If you are a bit low on cash, forget the original and go for an Eero Saarinen replica from leading online furniture stores.

Sit in Any Way You Want in a Womb Chair

womb chair reproduction

Are you tired of those one-dimensional lounge chairs that are just tall and narrow? Do you want a chair where you can sit as comfortably sideways or in any other way? Saarinen’s Womb Chair is a highly innovative chair from the structural point of view and allows one to sit and relax as one wants. The chair is fully upholstered providing great comfort and the matching comfort just makes one never wanting to get up. It is perfect for the living room, reception area of the office or even lounge areas of hotels. A womb chair reproduction is available in low prices and in a variety of color, upholstery and fabric options.

Wing Chair – A Design That Takes You Higher

The Wing Chair is a mid-century modern classic that can really turn around interiors and have become an essential piece of furniture in every home. It is a characteristic styling element in interior decor, either in classic versions or in more modern and contemporary spaces. This chair was created to suit the proportions of modern living and this quirky, comfy armchair is the ultimate space saver. It features clean, modernist lines and can fit into the smallest of spaces effortlessly. Bring home this armchair and be the arbiter of style.

Wing Chair & Ottoman buying

Shield against Cold Drafts and Extreme Heat

When the wing chair became famous during the late 1700s, it was typically placed near the fireplaces in chilly houses. The wings of the chair acted as a shield to protect against the cold drafts and extreme heat from the hearth. Over the years, it has adapted to the current fashions and has made its place in modern interiors. Wing chair and ottoman buying is also made easier by leading online furniture stores and that might also be the reason why most homes can be seen with at least one.

The Masterpiece of a Bedroom

A furniture piece so stylish, comfortable and classy like the wing chair can really transform your bedroom decoration and transform it into your very own castle. This chair exudes character and since the bedroom is the most personal space in a home with the ability to transmit the personality and character of the homeowner, this chair is but a natural addition. It can be placed next to the bed with a matching ottoman and can be found in a wide array of colors that complements the existing color palette in the room.

Accentuate the Decor of the Living Room

Wing Chair & Ottoman buying

The living room is where guests and friends gather and speaks a lot about the rest of the house. Create an aesthetically appealing and relaxing ambience by placing twin wing chair and ottoman. Make sure that the color of the chair matches with that of the room and the rug. The soft and plush leather seating will make your guests want to stay all night!

If you are interested in wing chair and ottoman, then the online retail stores offers a huge selection at the best prices.

An Eero Saarinen Replica Can Make Spaces Chime to a Different Tune

The furniture designed by the mid-century designer, Eero Saarinen, is still coveted today by modern designers and his creations are being reproduced according to the exact specifications to grace modern homes and offices. Here is a list of the most iconic and celebrated creations of the Finnish American architect and industrial designer that you can purchase from leading online stores to bring alive your home or office.

The Organic Chair

Eero Saarinen replica

The Organic Chair replica is themed on the original design by Saarinen, and as with his entire collection, this too features simple, sweeping, comprehensive and structural curves that fuses with machine-like rationalism. This chair had captured the imagination of a generation of consumers and it pays homage to the eclectic, intuitive and innovative designs which became the pillars of modern designs structure. Get this Eero Saarinen replica online to add a spicy new dimension to your home or commercial office environment.

The Tulip Dining Table

tulip table reproduction

This is one of the most widely celebrated pieces in furniture design and features a simple construction. It is ideal for smaller spaces and the round table top allows it to be tucked in away neatly in a corner. This marble table has an unconventional shape and features only one central leg which provides more leg room for the people sitting around the table bonding over hot, piping meal. You can think out of the box and mix and match it with differently colored chairs to give it an eclectic look.

The Womb Chair and Ottoman

womb chair replica

If you want a comfortable chair where you can just sit and drift away to another world, then the reproduction of Saarinen’s womb chair and ottoman is the perfect additional to your home or office. Its beautiful organic grace not just flatters any background that it is placed against, but it also impresses the person sitting on it. This piece is wonderfully upholstered and available in various colors to suit individual needs.

Buy an Eero Saarinen replica online and be surprised at the marked difference that it brings to any space. Make your home or office a place where people want to come and never leave!

Mid-Century Furniture Pieces Can Effortlessly Enliven Contemporary Spaces

Retro-inspired interiors and living spaces have made a huge comeback in the last year or so. Now, when we say ‘go retro’, we most certainly do not mean that you go overboard with bright colors and vivacious patterns. In fact, don’t even opt for a full retro theme. Be innovative and add some cool mid-century modern furniture, orb-style fireplace or get some patterned rugs to enhance the existing contemporary style of your living space. To get you started on the right direction, we have picked two of the most iconic and celebrated mid-century furniture pieces – Platner Lounge Chair and Table and Barcelona Chair.

Warren Platner Furniture Pieces

Warren Platner Replica

Warren Platner Dining Table is popular among serious design lovers and every time you look at it, you would inevitably accept that there is simply no way of improving it. This piece creates an illusion of space which contrasts to their solid construction and materials for a distinctly contemporary feel. Not only the table, but the chairs that came out of his stable feature an elaborate collection of steel rods on the base that creates a unique architectural theme. The dining table can also be used as a coffee table in the living room.

The lounge chair designed by Platner has a sleek yet timeless design and features the same collection of steel rods that give it a beautiful shape. The curved form of the chair is a design statement and can be used in residential as well as commercial spaces. The chair comes with a cushion for optimum comfort. You could purchase a Warren Platner replica from any of the leading online furniture stores.

The Barcelona Chair – Luxurious is an Understatement

Barcelona chair Reproduction

The Barcelona Chair by Ludwid Mies van der Rohe is possibly the most recognized pieces of the 20th century and an icon of the modern movement. It is still in production today and available in a wide range of color and upholstery options to match the style of your home perfectly. This chair can be placed in the living room, patio or reception area of your office. No matter where you place it, it never looks out of place but rather enhances the decor. A Barcelona Chair reproduction is available at affordable prices online. Get two to make a statement!