Mid-Century Furniture Pieces Can Effortlessly Enliven Contemporary Spaces

Retro-inspired interiors and living spaces have made a huge comeback in the last year or so. Now, when we say ‘go retro’, we most certainly do not mean that you go overboard with bright colors and vivacious patterns. In fact, don’t even opt for a full retro theme. Be innovative and add some cool mid-century modern furniture, orb-style fireplace or get some patterned rugs to enhance the existing contemporary style of your living space. To get you started on the right direction, we have picked two of the most iconic and celebrated mid-century furniture pieces – Platner Lounge Chair and Table and Barcelona Chair.

Warren Platner Furniture Pieces

Warren Platner Replica

Warren Platner Dining Table is popular among serious design lovers and every time you look at it, you would inevitably accept that there is simply no way of improving it. This piece creates an illusion of space which contrasts to their solid construction and materials for a distinctly contemporary feel. Not only the table, but the chairs that came out of his stable feature an elaborate collection of steel rods on the base that creates a unique architectural theme. The dining table can also be used as a coffee table in the living room.

The lounge chair designed by Platner has a sleek yet timeless design and features the same collection of steel rods that give it a beautiful shape. The curved form of the chair is a design statement and can be used in residential as well as commercial spaces. The chair comes with a cushion for optimum comfort. You could purchase a Warren Platner replica from any of the leading online furniture stores.

The Barcelona Chair – Luxurious is an Understatement

Barcelona chair Reproduction

The Barcelona Chair by Ludwid Mies van der Rohe is possibly the most recognized pieces of the 20th century and an icon of the modern movement. It is still in production today and available in a wide range of color and upholstery options to match the style of your home perfectly. This chair can be placed in the living room, patio or reception area of your office. No matter where you place it, it never looks out of place but rather enhances the decor. A Barcelona Chair reproduction is available at affordable prices online. Get two to make a statement!


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