An Eero Saarinen Replica Can Make Spaces Chime to a Different Tune

The furniture designed by the mid-century designer, Eero Saarinen, is still coveted today by modern designers and his creations are being reproduced according to the exact specifications to grace modern homes and offices. Here is a list of the most iconic and celebrated creations of the Finnish American architect and industrial designer that you can purchase from leading online stores to bring alive your home or office.

The Organic Chair

Eero Saarinen replica

The Organic Chair replica is themed on the original design by Saarinen, and as with his entire collection, this too features simple, sweeping, comprehensive and structural curves that fuses with machine-like rationalism. This chair had captured the imagination of a generation of consumers and it pays homage to the eclectic, intuitive and innovative designs which became the pillars of modern designs structure. Get this Eero Saarinen replica online to add a spicy new dimension to your home or commercial office environment.

The Tulip Dining Table

tulip table reproduction

This is one of the most widely celebrated pieces in furniture design and features a simple construction. It is ideal for smaller spaces and the round table top allows it to be tucked in away neatly in a corner. This marble table has an unconventional shape and features only one central leg which provides more leg room for the people sitting around the table bonding over hot, piping meal. You can think out of the box and mix and match it with differently colored chairs to give it an eclectic look.

The Womb Chair and Ottoman

womb chair replica

If you want a comfortable chair where you can just sit and drift away to another world, then the reproduction of Saarinen’s womb chair and ottoman is the perfect additional to your home or office. Its beautiful organic grace not just flatters any background that it is placed against, but it also impresses the person sitting on it. This piece is wonderfully upholstered and available in various colors to suit individual needs.

Buy an Eero Saarinen replica online and be surprised at the marked difference that it brings to any space. Make your home or office a place where people want to come and never leave!


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