How to Mix n Match Your Sofas and Chair for that Perfect Living Room Setting?

The eagerness for personalized interiors have gone up a notch this year and it is all about letting a spirited mix of colors, prints, textures and shapes dictate the choice of seating. Homeowners and interior designers are increasingly becoming experimental and contemporary interiors can be seen using pieces from different eras that sit together nicely to create interiors that are unique and oh-so-glamorous. If you are thinking of renovating your living room, here are few helpful suggestions that you maybe could give it a try.

Don’t be Afraid to be Different

Do you have what it takes to be different? If yes, why not parade a fabulous hot pink? Don’t worry, you can always tone the effect down by making use of neutral accessories like maybe a grey sofa and monochrome rug.

Play Around with Vintage Designs

Barcelona chair Reproduction

Out and out modern and contemporary living rooms are very common. If you want to stand out and become the envy of friends, relative and guests, then try dabbling with mid-century modern furniture pieces that fit perfectly with your existing modern pieces. For instance, a Barcelona chair reproduction will go wonderfully with a leather sofa or loveseat. Take inspiration from the hit series, Mad Men. The Barcelona chair is available in black, white, brown, mustard, and so on. The simple yet classy design will immediately catch the attention of your guests and lull them into ultimate comfort. Remember to juxtapose this trend with bold and bright colors.

Stir Up a Little Drama

womb chair and ottoman

If you have a modern living room featuring clean and minimalist furniture designs and the dominating colors are mainly black, white or hues on those lines then you can definitely create a bit of a drama with an attention-grabbing and super comfy womb chair and ottoman in maybe a bright red color. It would go great with the existing sofas, loveseats, coffee and side tables and still hold out its own ground. You could maybe get two of these if you don’t want people fighting over who gets to sit on it.

The mixture of vibrant hues and tones with monochromatic furnishings and accessories and the mix and match of modern pieces with iconic mid-century furniture designs will create an aesthetically pleasing living space exuding comfort and a timeless appeal. Authentic reproductions at low prices are available at online furniture stores.


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