Mid-century Modern Chairs – Comfort and Fun, Guaranteed!

It doesn’t matter how predominantly modern or contemporary the interior of your home or apartment is, mid-century modern furniture designs have a vibe that – even after all these years – resonates with the hip homeowners looking for sleek and neat lines, popping colors and simplicity. This design and style is particularly useful for homes that are fighting for space. Apart from the ethereal designs, mid-century modern pieces are also hailed by contemporary designers due to their smart and expert craftsmanship. No wonder these pieces are still in production and finding a high quality reproduction is neither too difficult nor too costly.

A unique decor can be achieved by mixing the best of both worlds – minimalist and wow-worthy modern/contemporary furniture and accessories with balanced and iconic mid-century pieces. Here are two suggestions that will certainly make coming back home a more comfortable experience.

Womb Chair – Bastion of Neo-futuristic Style

womb chair replica

The womb chair created by Eero Saarinen still continues to be one of the most acclaimed representations of mid-century modernism. This chair comes with a comfortable ottoman where one can put their feet up after a really long day at work. The cushions that come with the chair and the ottoman are not attached and one can opt to have the cushions in the same color as the chair or choose to mix it up for some fun. This piece of furniture was specifically designed to pamper individuals and allows people to sit any way the please – lounging, slouching or having the legs thrown over the armrest. A womb chair replica is available in a range of colors and it will blend right in with your existing decor.

Swan Chair – All About Curves!

Swan Chair Reproduction

Simple, straight lines are great but if you want to introduce a little bit of excitement and fun into your home decor, then we suggest you think about bringing home the appealing curves in the form of a swan chair. This chair was originally designed by Arne Jacobsen and it gets it enduring appeal from the sinuous, naturally fluid shape. One of the best things about the swan chair is that it can really jazz things up with its creative design and style. A swan chair reproduction is available in different vibrant and vivacious colors to match your interiors.


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