Give Your Home a Twist With Timeless Mid-Century Furniture Pieces

Mid-century modern furniture pieces are hugely popular and in demand even today because of largely one reason – the pieces fit perfectly in any kind of decor, be it eclectic, modern or contemporary. The chairs and tables designed almost 60 years ago were considered to be way ahead of time and fits seamlessly with existing modern furnishings and accessories. If you are thinking of giving your home or office a mid-century touch, you do not have to undertake complete renovation project or spend a fortune acquiring these pieces – browse through the popular online furniture stores and get replicas that look identical to the original design.

The Barcelona Chair – A True Masterpiece

Barcelona chair reproduction

The Barcelona Chair is the brainchild of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich. It came to be recognized as one of the most distinguished and celebrated furniture creations in the world.  The stunning form of this chair is said to have been inspired from the Roman folding chair and upholstered stool. It offers complete back support and there is just something about this chair that mixes well with traditional to modern style decor. Get a Barcelona chair reproduction piece and place it among your existing contemporary fixtures in the living room to see the difference. Keep a coffee table in front, slip a rug underneath it maybe or change the lighting to pull focus on the chair. It can also leave a lasting impression on clients when kept at the reception or waiting area of your workplace.

The Tulip Table – Needs no Introduction

Tulip Table Reproduction

Saarinen’s Tulip Table is a timeless mid-century furniture design that did away with the slum of legs traditionally found under chairs and tables. This table features only one pedestal that supports a stunning white marble top. The design is simple and compact and this table can be slipped into the most tightest of corners without the slightest effort. Team it up with Tulip chairs to create a lasting impact on the minds of your guests. The chairs can be chosen in any color and if not the Tulip chair, the table just looks fabulous with chairs from any era, in any style. Tulip table reproduction can be found at competitive prices in leading online furniture stores.

While you’re browsing through these two classics, don’t also forget to check out Eames lounge chair or Noguchi coffee table. They all make wonderful additions to a home with character!


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