Mid-century Furniture Continues to Flourish Among the Cacophony of Modernism

Irrespective of the fact that mid-century modern designs debuted decades ago, it still continues to be a hugely popular choice among home owners. Due to its simple and sleek design, it is extremely easy to incorporate mid-century modern furniture in any home decor. Since this style of furniture large developed around doing away with the unnecessary, it seamlessly fits into any space. With the right tricks, it is actually pretty easy to decorate your house with such iconic pieces and accomplish an impactful interior setting.

Embrace Mid-century Chairs

LC4 Chaise Lounge (2)

Unlike contemporary sofas and chairs, mid century modern chairs displayed an unconventional form and structure that looked strikingly simple yet with an artistic flair and finesse. Your options are unlimited when it comes to mid-century chairs. You can go for an Eames lounge chair or Saarinen womb chair with matching ottoman, Corbusier LC4 chaise lounge that conforms to the shape of the body, Jacobsen Egg or Swan chair that exudes a plush vibe, Saarinen Tulip chairs that only has one pedestal and looks super classy, Nelson coconut chair or Eames colorful molded fiberglass chairs. The market is flooded with knock-offs and reproductions of these timeless pieces and you can find these in a wide range of hues and tones, prints and patterns to match it with the color of your walls.

Mid-century Tables Add Elegance

Mid-century furniture

By simply replacing your modern coffee table with a Noguchi coffee table, you can achieve a heightened aesthetic appeal. This coffee table can be used as an accent piece due to its avant-garde design. The style is simple, uncluttered and yet it manages to grab attention among all your other contemporary and modern furniture. The Saarinen Tulip table is also another great suggestion. You can place it in the dining area and pair it up with dining chairs from any era or create a small retreat in the patio.

Mid-century furniture has a mind of its own and even after years of its appearance, it still continues to impress design aficionados. Give your house a fresh look with a vintage feel by scouring through the online stores to find the best deal.