Jacobsen and Corbusier Inspired Designs Can Weave Magic into Living Spaces

Even though mid century modern designs are well-known for its simplicity and sleek, clean design yet it packs a cogent aesthetic punch. Since it made its appearance and reached the peak of its popularity in the 1960s, mid-century style has had a lasting influence with knock-offs and reproductions flooding the market even today and gracing residential and commercial spaces all over the world. With its gentle curves, well-worn smooth surfaces and neo-futuristic patina, mid century modern furniture pieces radiates a distinctive aura and adds a powerful impact to any space, all on its own – that explains its undying attractiveness.

If you fancy the idea of mid-century decor but not really looking forward to totally committing to a “mod” existence as of now, then you can include nods from this style in the form of one or two timeless functional pieces to add functionality, whimsy and interest to your existing interior setting. Two names that defines the dynamism that mid-century modern was and is and whose design you can bring home are Arne Jacobsen and Le Corbusier.

Have a Danish Moment with Arne Jacobsen

Egg Chair Replica

The Danish moment inspired by clean line and functional simplicity of the beautiful pieces designed by Arne Jacobsen is sure to have you wrapped up in awe. Arne is undoubtedly one of the most famous 20th century designers and in his long, productive career he has whipped out some iconic pieces that can instantaneously jazz up your space.

  • The Egg Chair: Over the last five decades, the Egg Chair has stood as an inimitable symbol of enduring, high-end design. It features a voluptuous free-flowing shape that is attained by injecting polyurethane foam into a mould. The chair is fully covered with premium quality upholstery in fabric or leather that provides optimal comfort sitting down. The Egg chair replica is available with reclines and swivel features in an array of hues and tones, patchworks, patterns and prints to complement modern/contemporary/eclectic decor.
  • The Swan Chair: The softly enveloping organic form is quite similar to the Egg chair but it is lower so as to be ideal for setting a light conversational ambience. Featuring a swivel base, this chair is the perfect addition to your living room.

Revel in the Perennially Popular Designs of Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier is rightly referred to as the rock star of furniture design. His forward-thinking LC collection proves that he was a man ahead of his time and his creations have the ability to transcend modern trends. His designs are truly timeless and have the ability to take any room from ordinary to phenomenal. Le Corbusier inspired pieces are readily available in the reputed online stores.

Le Corbusier Inspired

  • LC4 Chaise Lounge: Le Corbusier’s strong sense of design is reflected in the LC4 chaise lounge that remains one of the most functional, graceful and comfortable chaise ever seen. The steel base fully upholstered in leather conforms to the shape of the body and offers support to the head, shoulders and back for ultimate comfort. This cutting-edge chaise is what every home needs for relaxation!
  • 2-seater Petit Confort Sofa: The 2-seater Petit Confort Sofa is one of the most recognized of all mid century modern designs. The frame and structure of the sofa exudes an elegant minimalism and the leather upholstery lends a sophisticated look. It is perfect for small apartments that need to make smart use of space while also adding spunk.

So, check out the various reproductions of Arne Jacobsen and Le Corbusier designs and get started on your home renovation project. Just add a piece now and mix and match it with luxury rugs, lighting and other accessories to create a home that is truly beautiful.


Ball Chair: The Futuristic Design of Mid Century Modern Furniture

Are you looking for a Gaga-esque nesting place in your home to spend some time off relaxing with a book and a coffee mug? Then you must go for the iconic Ball chair designed by the celebrated mid-century designer Eero Aarnio. In 1963 , he introduced this globe shaped  chair which has a hollow sphere on a stand, with one side open to let someone sit. If you are highly interested to delve deep into the stylistic appeal of contemporary furnishing items , to enjoy their comforts, lay your hand on this chair . This is a pop culture design which has a futuristic spaceship flavor attached  . With a look of a toy, these chairs are highly functional and come with a touch of quirk which can easily entice the modern home owners. The modern designers have started making reproductions of the original piece and the furniture stores have loads of Ball Chair Replica items stuffed in their inventory.

The Visionary Appeal of Aarnio Ball Chairs

ball chair

A fiberglass chair which was one of the most renowned creations of the designer, a ball chair is also known as the “room within a room” concept.  Something looking like out of the future, this happens to be a supremely  unconventional and innovative in design  . While looking for a private space inside your house, get yourself seated in this cozy and comfortable cushioned seating arrangement, which protects you from the incoming outside noises. It has already appeared in TV shows, films and magazine covers, then what if it lends some balance and aesthetic pleasure to your house as well? You can also wrestle space problems with this chair owing to its creative geometric sleek shape.

Getting a place in the Television world

Owing to its high-end mod and voguish design and unique stance, the ball chairs have often been found showcased in the Television shows and films, adding more glamour to the screens. Vivienne Westwood in one of her shows has used the Ball chair and also science fiction movies like Men in Black used them repeatedly.

The Descendent Of Ball Chair: Bubble Chair

bubble chair replica

It was in 1968 when Ball Chairs got their descendents in the form of Bubble chairs , the acrylic version. Looks totally like ball chair in shape , design and style, this bubble chair is made of a transparent material and can be hanged from the ceiling. Thus, be it the patio or the bedroom, the ball and bubble chairs can add depth and class to your space abundantly.

Amongst the mid century modern furniture which are getting reproduced by the online stores, the Ball chairs and Bubble chairs by Eero Aarnio happens to be found in galore of varieties, be it in range of colors, patterns or materials. Check the online store for better collections of these chairs!

Swan Chair – Classy, Comfortable and Stunning

Arne jacobsen inspiredArne Jacobsen is one of the most famous and celebrated Danish designers and his work can be seen gracing upscale hotels to fast-food restaurants and homes. His designs are among the most copied in the world. The swan chair is one of his most renowned pieces of furniture and it was created from molded shell on an aluminum swivel base and beautifully upholstered with leather or fabric. The absence of straight lines made this design far ahead of its time and till date, it remains one of the most coveted furniture designs among modern designers and homeowners.

Ideal for Commercial and Residential Spaces

The shape and form of the swan chair is true to its name and it resembles the majestic swan with its sophisticated look and upholstered with leather or fabric with a comfortable seating option. It can be placed in lounge and waiting areas as well as homes. The swan chair replica is made available by leading online furniture retail stores in a wide array of colors so that it can effortlessly blend with any kind of interior. If your home largely features a neutral, subdued decor, then you could spice it up with the addition of this chair in a color that pops. Place it in the living area, study room, bedroom or get a couple to place it around your designer dining table.

Comfort RedefinedSwan Chair Replica

The leather or fabric upholstery already makes this chair extremely comfortable to sit on and relax. You could get matching or contrasting cushions to up the level of relaxation as well as heighten its aesthetic appeal. Leading online stores provide Arne Jacobsen inspired furniture pieces in affordable prices and guests visiting your house will not be able to tell the difference but for years to come will just talk about how much they enjoyed sitting on one of those swan chairs.

Mid-century modern interior design is what is trending right now. You do not have to completely renovate your home and blow up your entire savings but start with the addition of this spectacular swan chair and trust us when we say that this chair looks great with any decor.

Corbusier’s LC4 Chaise Lounge – Sits Right at Home Even Today

Le Corbusier is known as the rock star of mid-century modern furniture design. Among the likes of Marcel Breuer and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier was one of the celebrated architects of the 20th century Modernist Movement. He thought of homes as machines for living and created spectacular looking chairs that were and still continues to be the epitome of comfort and functionality. He is particularly revered for his LC collection with special mention of the LC-4 chaise lounge that sits comfortably even in today’s modern homes.

The Relaxing Machine – LC4 Chaise Lounge

LC4 Chaise Lounge

The LC4 Chaise Lounge is one of the most famed and admired of Le Corbusier inspired pieces of furniture. It was dubbed the relaxing machine because of the way it mirrors the body’s natural curves. The seat appears to be floating above the frame and as the frame is movable, it can be adjusted at the base to achieve infinite number of sitting angles. This chair provides many different positions, from upright to recline. These contemporary chairs have become popular furnishings that help to create relaxing, inviting and elegant interiors.

This chaise lounge features a softly curved frame with a bend. The stylish and comfortable seats are upholstered with high-quality leather that adds great grace and style to the design of the chair.

Any Interior, Any Room

Le Corbusier inspired

The designer chair is just right for modern interiors, from eclectic to high tech and contemporary home style. It can be added to any room, large or small, and opting for the LC4 instead of a day bed is one space saving idea that will to create brighter and spacious interior design.

Along with the other furnishings in the house, this chair can be treated as a centerpiece that is sure to attract instant admiration. Mixing up the different furniture will result in a dramatic transformation of your living space that will make onlookers jealous.

The LC4 is still in production due to its futuristic and innovative design and you can get a LC4 chaise lounge replica in a wide variety of color and style options at best prices from leading online stores.

Revamp Your Home with the Help of Online Furniture Stores

The home is where the heart is. Isn’t it? A home represents the personalities and characteristics of the people residing in it. You can be as unique and whacky as you please, or as sophisticated and sober. It all depends on the kind of person you are and your sense of style. For a home to be complete in the truest senses, you would be requiring furniture like beds, dining tables and chairs, kitchen furniture, outdoor furniture and so much more. It would be a bit of a hassle if you had to visit every store physically in order to make your choice. A much more convenient option would be to browse through online furniture stores that promise to bombard you with a variety of options.

Different Brands Placed Under One Roof vxdsbdf

The primary advantage of online stores is that you would be able to get a wider choice in terms of brands, designs, styles and colors. You can choose from traditional, contemporary to modern styles for your home. The choices would vary from simple to upholstered chairs, tables and sofas, depending on your comfort and requirement.

Get Creative As You Search! xnb,hndrfk

It is not physically possible to visit every furniture store that there is to check out what they have to offer. Once you decide to purchase fixtures for your home, you might start off with a different idea and get confused with the different options available to you. A lot depends on the colors and hues of your house, the interior design and not to forget, budget. Online home furniture allows you to have new and great ideas as you browse through different styled furniture.

Affordable Rates and Tempting Discounts! Kirti-nagar-Dinning-table

An online facility is less expensive to maintain than a mall or a store. This makes it possible for online furniture stores to sell exquisite and exotic pieces of furniture at unbelievably low prices. Decorating homes has never been this inexpensive!

Once you have placed the order for online home furniture, sit back and sip your hot coffee, while your order is on its way!