Buying Coffee Tables – Top 3 Things to Consider

Coffee tables, which are also often referred to as Cocktail tables, are actually long tables of low height which can be found placed in sitting rooms. If you often have guests coming to your home, you will need to keep a coffee table in your sitting room. These days, many people are actually buying Coffee tables online and you can do the same, whether for your own home or a furniture store that you have opened up.

Read and know the 3 things that you should consider in order to choose the best ones for your needs.

Style and shape

At present, coffee tables with rectangular shapes happen to be the most popular. These are available in a wide variety of forms and heights. Buyers can use these in large or small rooms, and also use them to adorn big rooms that need an extremely large coffee table.

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In a similar way, those with a square shape are ideal for bigger rooms although these can overwhelm smaller rooms unless positioned carefully.

Round coffee tables are perfect in homes with small children, where furniture items with sharp corners can cause accidents. But these are tough to keep in smaller rooms, as these consume more amount of floor space as compared to other shapes. But these are ideal for social occasions when owners would want to play a game of cards or carom or any board game.


One should also consider the materials that coffee tables are made out of while buying from online furniture store USA. There are Glass tables one can go for, which are perfect for small rooms having more air and space. These make rooms look more modern. However, glass coffee tables should be ordered in toughened glass in homes with small kids, so that they do not end up breaking the glass and injuring themselves in the process.

There are also wooden coffee tables which are wonderful and evergreen choices, and actually improve with passing time. Oak, walnut, pine and mahogany coffee tables are among the preferred lot.

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There is also the modern alternative in the medium density fiberboard (MDF) that is firm in form and can be maintained very easily. These can be formed into any type of shape, although these cannot be repaired like actual wooden tables.

Seat height

The table should also be of a proper height, and match the height of the chairs or sofas kept around. It should preferably be of the same color as your chairs and the rest of the furniture kept in the room. The whole idea is to create a matching ambience and achieve a décor which can allow you the maximum comfort and beauty as well. It should also be checked whether the table comes with some extra features, such as storage options in the form of drawers or lift tops which allow easy cleaning ability. Coffee tables with shelf or drawers are found to be more useful and convenient. These are aesthetic, practical and worth the investment.