Give Your Home a Twist With Timeless Mid-Century Furniture Pieces

Mid-century modern furniture pieces are hugely popular and in demand even today because of largely one reason – the pieces fit perfectly in any kind of decor, be it eclectic, modern or contemporary. The chairs and tables designed almost 60 years ago were considered to be way ahead of time and fits seamlessly with existing modern furnishings and accessories. If you are thinking of giving your home or office a mid-century touch, you do not have to undertake complete renovation project or spend a fortune acquiring these pieces – browse through the popular online furniture stores and get replicas that look identical to the original design.

The Barcelona Chair – A True Masterpiece

Barcelona chair reproduction

The Barcelona Chair is the brainchild of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich. It came to be recognized as one of the most distinguished and celebrated furniture creations in the world.  The stunning form of this chair is said to have been inspired from the Roman folding chair and upholstered stool. It offers complete back support and there is just something about this chair that mixes well with traditional to modern style decor. Get a Barcelona chair reproduction piece and place it among your existing contemporary fixtures in the living room to see the difference. Keep a coffee table in front, slip a rug underneath it maybe or change the lighting to pull focus on the chair. It can also leave a lasting impression on clients when kept at the reception or waiting area of your workplace.

The Tulip Table – Needs no Introduction

Tulip Table Reproduction

Saarinen’s Tulip Table is a timeless mid-century furniture design that did away with the slum of legs traditionally found under chairs and tables. This table features only one pedestal that supports a stunning white marble top. The design is simple and compact and this table can be slipped into the most tightest of corners without the slightest effort. Team it up with Tulip chairs to create a lasting impact on the minds of your guests. The chairs can be chosen in any color and if not the Tulip chair, the table just looks fabulous with chairs from any era, in any style. Tulip table reproduction can be found at competitive prices in leading online furniture stores.

While you’re browsing through these two classics, don’t also forget to check out Eames lounge chair or Noguchi coffee table. They all make wonderful additions to a home with character!


Coffee tables breathing with novelty add pizzazz to your living room

Are you looking to lend your living room with an effective focal point? If you answer is yes, then go grab the best coffee table which complements your preferences of room decoration. Catching the attention of the fancy contemporary designs which are creating a stir in the minds of the interior designers today, the right coffee tables can add pep and pizzazz to your room and not to forget the immense functionality which they carry, be it for rendering compactness to the seating arrangement or for dumping books and magazines on them. Inspiring the decor around it to higher levels, these  must definitely be considered to be placed between the sofa and the TV as a centerpiece and not to forget, these are one of the indispensible furnishing items.  With the reputed coffee tables online stores stacking brand new collections, you have the ultimate freedom to choose the most trendy one.

Coffee tables online

Add modern feel to your living space

With contemporary ideas flourishing the homed decor ideas,  you necessarily do not need to stick to the plain pieces. Following are unique ones to opt for:

  • Real life topography gets a mimicry through the use of wood and glass painting , and the way the table is cut, it appears as a running river!
  • A built-in bonsai tree attached to the coffee table can introduce the feel of bringing in the elements of nature for an eco-friendly and fresh feel to home decor.
  • Get hold of a plain white coffee table with minimalistic designs, which is low in height and equipped with a hidden gap to store books and magazines, rendering it the much needed practicality.
  • The unique shapes used by the glass topped coffee tables as its stabilizing elements brings in a subtle touch of modernity.
  • For a whimsical effect, gold enamel balloons are attached to a coffee table to produce a magical impact!
  • The round shaped pebble coffee tables add class and serenity to your living room design.

online furniture store Canada

How to get the perfect one from an online furniture store in Canada?

  • Make sure the coffee table complements the home decor theme , so that it doesn’t clash with the present accents at all.
  • Check what you want, a functional coffee table to keep things or something to fill up an empty space!
  • The best coffee tables are 16-20 inches of height.
  • Get the right structure , be it round , square or L-shaped , as this determines the overall silhouette of your living room!

A reputed online furniture store Canada can be the best online destination to hit for buying  coffee tables and other furnishing, so head out now!

Create a Space Exuding Opulence and Luxury with Eames’ Furniture Pieces

Thanks to the ground breaking contributions of Charles & Ray Eames in furniture design and architecture, modern homeowners can spruce up the aesthetic appeal and functionality of their living spaces without actually having to try too hard. Also, thanks to the contemporary designers and manufacturers, you do not have to blow up your entire fortune to avail an Eames original but can get authentic, high-quality reproductions at fabulous, pocket-friendly prices from reputed online furniture stores.

Eames Chair Reproduction

If you are confused about which mid-century modern pieces to incorporate in your existing decor, let us give you a helping hand.

Comfort Redefined Living Room

Let your modern loveseats or sofa seats be where they are along with contemporary coffee tables, lighting accessories and other accent pieces. Just add an Eames lounge chair in a color matching your interiors and be able to create a retreat for yourself right in the middle of your home. The lounge chair is fully cushioned with fabulously soft leather that makes sitting as exciting and fun as it can get. Get a matching ottoman with it as well to put your feet up! This Eames chair reproduction can be purchased online at really lucrative prices.

Eames Furniture Can Do So Much for the Dining Room

Eames Table Reproduction

  • You can achieve a colorful dining area by pairing up a Charles Eames table with really vibrant Arne Jacobsen chairs. The lovely hues and tones comes together to provide guests with a super fun dining experience. Although this is enough to grab attention, you could go a step further and use accessories such as maybe an eclectic-designed rug and a very modern light right on top of the table.
  • For a 1950s-inspired dining room, look for a Saarinen Tulip Table (it goes great with small spaces) and place pony-skin Eames chair around it. The two very different yet complementary designs can be further enhanced with hanging pendant lights.

Eames’ have left behind a body of work that seamlessly works with any decor setting. Check out chair and Eames table reproduction at the popular online stores and make your choice!